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As destructive architects they uproot commercial fortresses in their

sonic war-fare, war on apathy, drowning in their screens they fight to defend the relevance of emotions to human function, even if it de-simplifies existence, prevents insurability of routine existence. They chose not to sterilise or simplify their complexes through giving into the facilitation of synthetically induced functional apathy, but to apply and voice internal wars, fruitfully.


Ripe in decay they vindicate corporate viruses, creating their own counter-intuitive strains of productive sickness. They sit inside the well of their vitality, and make beats all day and don’t go outside except very briefly for foul, apples, juice or cigarettes.


Elvin Brandhi, Welsh producer / vocalist and Palestinian producer/MC Bashar Suleiman in sync present a mashed up sample based laptop black metal, synched up with emocore harmonics: A mutated clash of warped noise, screamo-autotuned, and rap. The duo was formed at the HIZZ residency in Cairo

"SADSUN" Cassette Tape